Why buy personal insurance from a broker when it’s easy to buy online?

Why buy personal insurance from a broker when it’s easy to buy online?

  • Buying insurance online appears to be straightforward, but you could fall short of covering all your needs. Consulting a broker is not only more efficient, it’s financially safer and offers more confidence.
  • Insurance brokers are professionals and experts in insurance. Their role is to navigate the coverage options and offers of various insurance companies; ensure you have the most appropriate protection; and, assist with premium management.
  • Also, if you’re shopping for unusual insurance products, brokers can explain what is available and recommend the best option for your circumstances.
  • Most importantly, a broker advocates for clients in the event of a claim.

Whether you are buying personal insurance for the first time or renewing your coverage, we welcome the opportunity to discuss it with you.

  • Homeowner IconHomeowner


    Can I set up my homeowner insurance to renew automatically?

    • Yes. Most insurance policies renew automatically.
    • However, as homeowner insurance protects you against loss or damage to your home, personal contents, and detached buildings, it is better to review it with a broker before renewing, to adjust for home improvements and increased or decreased value of its contents.
    • Your insurance also covers extra living expenses if you have to leave your home as a result of an insured loss.
    • A review can also identify any discounts available when you pay off your mortgage, reach retirement age, or install an alarm system.  

    Contact us by phone or email to purchase a new policy or review your current homeowner insurance. 

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  • Distinctive and Custom Properties IconDistinctive and Custom Properties

    Distinctive and Custom Properties

    Will most homeowner insurance policies cover restoring or rebuilding the unique architectural features in my home?

    • A typical homeowner policy offers appropriate protection for a standard home, but not distinctive homes.
    • When you have invested in a home with unique features, historic workmanship or designed by an architect, it’s best to consider a homeowner insurance program from a provider whose specialty is distinctive and custom homes.
    • MMR has partnered with reputable insurance companies that offer unsurpassed insurance programs to meet the unique needs of distinctive and custom homes.
    • Experts are also on hand to assist with insurance for fine art, antiques, wine collections and jewellery. 

    We would be happy to meet with you to review your unique home insurance needs and recommend both coverage levels and an insurer.

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  • Condominium IconCondominium


    What should I know about condo insurance?

    • You personally own only your unit, yet share ownership and responsibility for the entire building.
    • The condo corporation has a say in determining your insurance needs.
    • An incident in your suite may result in a claim against you from a neighbour.
    • Leasing your condo to tenants, using it for business, or being in residence only occasionally, can affect your coverage.

    Speaking with us will leave you confident that you have enough insurance to cover all eventualities.

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  • Tenant IconTenant


    I have so few things in my apartment, why spend money insuring the contents?

    • Tenant insurance is very important because it covers more than your personal belongings. It also protects you in case of a liability lawsuit against you, for:
      • injury to another person; and,
      • damage to the property of another party.
    • Tally up all your belongings, not just furniture but also clothing, sports equipment, electronics, kitchen supplies… even mementos. Can you afford to replace everything out of pocket?
    • Sometimes, tenant insurance is not optional. It’s quite common for landlords to require you to purchase tenant insurance prior to renting or leasing.

    Call us to find out more and request a quote.

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  • Automobile and Antique Cars IconAutomobile and Antique Cars

    Automobile and Antique Cars

    Can I save money on auto insurance by choosing not to cover damage to my car from an accident?

    • You are not required by law to purchase insurance to cover damages to your own automobile. However, if you have a newer, antique, classic or custom car, it’s wise to protect your financial investment with insurance.
    • If your vehicle is leased or financed, you won’t have an option. Leasing companies and financial institutions require collision and comprehensive insurance coverage (physical damage protection).
    • Collectors of antique, classic and custom vehicles may require specialty coverage. We have trusted relationships with insurers in this niche.

    If you want to make sure your policy is affordable and meets your specific needs, meet with us.

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  • Watercraft IconWatercraft


    Do I need special insurance for my boat?

    • How you use your boat, who uses it and where you go are important determinants of what coverage you need.
    • Personal watercraft like canoes and small fishing boats may be eligible for coverage under your property insurance. However, most property policies have limitations relating to speed, value and length of a boat.
    • High-performance boats, vintage watercraft and racing yachts require coverage offered by specialized insurance.

    For help figuring it out, call or email. We’ll work through it together.

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  • Recreational Vehicles IconRecreational Vehicles

    Recreational Vehicles

    Does the Ontario government mandate insurance for recreational vehicles?

    • If a vehicle is used on public roads, it must be insured under the Highway Traffic Act. However, a lawsuit can be brought no matter where injuries happen, so it’s best to protect yourself with an appropriate insurance program.
    • Even with non-motorized recreational vehicles—such as camper units and tent trailers—it’s a good idea to protect yourself against loss and damage from collision, fire or theft.
    • It is strongly recommended that recreational vehicles carry legal liability coverage, in the event you are found responsible for a third party’s injuries or damage to their property.

    If you are interested in this insurance protection, we would be happy to discuss the options and considerations with you.

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  • Seasonal Residences IconSeasonal Residences

    Seasonal Residences

    Why can’t I buy standard homeowner insurance for my cottage?

    • A seasonal or vacation-type residence—whether a ski chalet, lakeside cottage or deep-woods cabin—is subject to more provisions than homes occupied year-round.
    • Vacation property coverage is usually more limited than that for homeowner insurance, so it is important to obtain additional protection for such things as boathouses, guest cottages, and docks.
    • You will also need special coverage if you lease, lend or rent out your cottage, even if only rarely.

    Vacation property insurance is affordable. Speak to one of our professional insurance advisors. They will ensure that you understand a policy's cost breakdown and limits prior to your purchase.

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  • Knob and Tube Electrical Wiring IconKnob and Tube Electrical Wiring

    Knob and Tube Electrical Wiring

    Can I be denied home insurance because it has knob and tube wiring?

    • It is true that some insurance companies will not insure properties with knob and tube electrical wiring.
    • Knob and tube wiring has a life expectancy of 50 to 80 years, and deterioration may not be visible. It also may not safely meet today’s levels of demand for electrical current.

    Fortunately, we have relationships with insurance companies that understand knob and tube wiring and are prepared to insure these properties with receipt of appropriate electrical safety reports.

    Please call on us for assistance. We will find the perfect insurer for your home.

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  • Umbrella Liability IconUmbrella Liability

    Umbrella Liability

    Do I have enough liability insurance to cover a high-sum award for damages in a lawsuit?

    • Most property policies in Ontario will automatically include a minimum Third Party Legal Liability limit of $1 million.
    • It is not unusual for litigants to claim—and sometimes win—damages in excess of $5 million.
    • Excess liability coverage (or umbrella policy) is crucial in the event you are ever held financially liable for an accident that results in critical injury or loss of life.
    • This extra coverage typically costs from $320 to $650 per year.

    Call or email for more information.

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  • Park Model Homes IconPark Model Homes

    Park Model Homes

    What type of coverage do we need for our new park model home? Contact us to get a quote based on your particular features and usage requirements.

    Great Blue Resorts Vine Ridge Resort Summerhill Resorts


Our personal lines advisors will work one-on-one with you to set goals, recommend steps you need to take, and regularly review your progress.

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