How big does a business have to be to necessitate commercial insurance?

How big does a business have to be to necessitate commercial insurance?

  • Commercial insurance protects any business, big or small, against losses resulting from unforeseen circumstances such as accidents, malicious acts, catastrophic events, and lawsuits.
  • Even freelance professionals and fledgling entrepreneurs can benefit from the protection commercial insurance provides.
  • Martin Merry & Reid has uncommon expertise and vast experience working with a wide spectrum of businesses. We also have brokers who specialize in the financial services, real estate development, manufacturing, energy and mining sectors.

Talk to us to find out what coverage is best for your type of work or business, or whether your current premiums are sufficient to keep you going if the worst happens.

  • Commercial Business IconCommercial Business

    Commercial Business

    How can I protect my business against bankruptcy or hardship if it falls victim to a catastrophic incident?

    • Consult a broker at Martin Merry & Reid. We have the experience to help your team identify mission-critical elements that must be included in loss protection.
    • We can help you ensure that your insurance provides the correct coverage with appropriate limits to readily restore operations and restart cash flow after a destructive incident.
    • Include an annual insurance audit or review in your risk assessment and/or disaster planning process.

    Call or email us today to discuss a new policy or request a thorough review of your current levels of protection.

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  • Product Liability IconProduct Liability

    Product Liability

    My company manufactures proven low-risk products, so why should I buy product liability insurance?

    • Humans make mistakes. Even a company that has rigorous quality control can find itself named in a lawsuit for damages caused by a defective or unsafe product. Any risk is too much risk.
    • In the event of a lawsuit, product liability insurance will protect you against potentially massive loss, with coverage tailored to your specific type of product.
    • Product liability insurance is also available to businesses that sell products to consumers or enterprises, whether in person, in-store or online.

    To mitigate your risk, call Martin Merry & Reid to speak to a broker who specializes in product liability premiums.

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  • Directors and Officers Liability IconDirectors and Officers Liability

    Directors and Officers Liability

    How can we assure that our board members are protected against personal liability?

    • We can help assure both board members and candidates that they are protected.
    • Over the past decade, we have seen a trend towards stakeholders holding directors personally responsible for acts of the corporation.
    • Understandably, Directors and Officers (D&O) protection has become an integral part of corporate governance, mandated in the bylaws of larger companies and organizations. This coverage category is continually expanding and new and more advanced policies are being offered. But if you have an older policy, your coverage may fall short of your needs. 

    Find out more by contacting our office. We’ll do a thorough review of your D&O premium and recommend whether you need more protection.

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  • Umbrella Liability IconUmbrella Liability

    Umbrella Liability

    The limits on our liability policies seem low. How can we bump up this coverage?

    • Umbrella Liability insurance is the answer. It provides protection in excess of your general or primary liability policy and responds to an insured loss when the limits of the primary policy have been exhausted.
    • It’s a smart choice for many businesses. If you're not covered up to the higher limits of potential losses or financial liability, you'll end up paying for far more than an extra premium.

    The first step is finding out whether you need it. Call or email us today to request a review of the coverage limits in your insurance portfolio. 

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  • Professional Errors and Omissions IconProfessional Errors and Omissions

    Professional Errors and Omissions

    Who, besides doctors and dentists, needs malpractice insurance?

    • Outside the medical profession, it’s called Professional Errors and Omissions (E&O) insurance. It’s a smart investment for any business or professional who provides advice or services for a fee
    • E&O insurance will cover expenses and losses in lawsuits filed by people who believe a professional’s mistake cost them money or harmed their reputation.
    • E&O insurance can protect legal or engineering firms, construction companies, employment agencies, consultants, and many other service businesses. It may also be required for employees or volunteers who act as professionals in their duties for an organization.

    If you provide professional services, call us to find out more about E&O insurance.

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  • Renewable Energy IconRenewable Energy

    Renewable Energy

    Do you specialize in commercial coverage for any particular industries?

    • Yes, we do. For example, one practice area within Martin Merry & Reid has deep domain expertise in the independent renewable energy marketplace.
    • Our insurance professionals possess the expertise to offer creative insurance solutions for all forms of electrical generation—including wind energy, hydro, biomass, co-generation, digester plants and landfill gas.
    • Within our Renewable Energy Insurance Program, we have brokered successful partnerships between some of Canada's largest independent power producers and the leading insurance companies specializing in public utility insurance programs and municipality risks.

    For additional information, please email your request to or telephone our office.

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  • Mining, Exploration and Development IconMining, Exploration and Development

    Mining, Exploration and Development

    Do you specialize in commercial coverage for any particular industries?

    • Yes, we do. For example, our Mining, Exploration and Development practice, has been solving mining sector coverage challenges around the world for a quarter century.
    • Mining risks are typically complex. Core coverages we place for our mining industry clients include typical liability insurance premiums, as well as highly specialized protection to cover exceptional situations such as kidnap and ransom, political upheaval, emergency evacuation, and environmental accidents.
    • Over the years, we’ve been in the field, down the shaft and in boardrooms, arranging creative placements for many mining industry clients, with insurers who will provide true worldwide liability coverage—not just covering lawsuits brought in North America.

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Our commercial lines advisors will work one-on-one with you to set goals, recommend steps you need to take, and regularly review your progress.

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